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For your convenience, here are some FAQs from our fishermen


Fall Specials:


Starts August 1st with each adult:


Ladies' Day: TTH - $30 per lady


Childrens' Day: MWF - $30 per child

Not valid with any other discounts or offers


Have a question for us?

Are you ready to get on the water, but have a few questions about what you'll need? Check out some of our FAQs or give us a call today!

Q: Do I need an Ohio Fishing License or does the boat carry the License?

A: Yes, you need an Ohio Fishing License. The State of Ohio will not allow the boats to carry the license. Be sure to have your driver license, state issued ID and know your social security number.


Q: What is provided on the walleye boat?

A: Only the cooler with ice for your fish is provided.


Q: What all do I have to bring for the walleye trips?

A: Stringer for your fish, cooler (13" high or smaller) with food/drinks, poles/tackle, bait and the Ohio License. We have available bait, tackle, sandwiches, snacks, beer and pop for your convenience at our store.


Q: What do I have to bring on the perch trips?

A: Small cooler or 5-gallon bucket for your fish, something to put your bait (minnows) in (5-gallon bucket works well), ice for your fish, fishing poles & tackle, food/drinks, and the Ohio License


Q: Are reservations required?

A: No they are not required however, they ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. They will guarantee you spots on the boat.


Q: How far in advance do I have to make reservations?

A: If you are going during the week a couple of days in advance is usually sufficient. If going on the weekends or holidays as far in advance as possible.


Q: On the headboats, are we allowed to bring alcohol?

A: Yes, we do allow beer and wine coolers on the boats in moderation. Beverages must be in plastic bottles or cans. We do not allow hard liquor on the boat.


Q: Are there restrooms on the boats?

A: Yes, all the boats have restrooms.


Q: When can we put our stuff on the boat for the morning trips?

A: You can put things on the boat when you get here. If there are items on the boat already, PLEASE DO NOT move anything. Only reserve one spot for each ticket being purchased.


Q: When do the tickets for the afternoon trips go on sale and will I get a certain spot on the boat?

A: Tickets for the afternoon boats go on sale at 1:00pm. The boat is boarded by ticket number. So if you want a specific spot on the boat, you will have to get here early enough to get one of the lower ticket numbers.


Q: On the private charters, what time are the trips?

A: 7am til 2pm or 230pm til 930pm or dark. Return times vary depending on when it gets dark.


Q: On the private charters, what do you fish for?

A: Whatever you want, perch or walleye.


Q: Can we fish for both walleye and perch?

A: Yes, however, they are not located in the same area and there will be travel time involved.


Q: What do you take for payments?

A: We take cash, any of the major credit cards and company checks.


Q: How much is the deposit for the boat?

A: There is a $100 deposit required on all boats except the Watanna II and the Miss Drawbridge which is a $200 deposit.


Q: What about food and drinks?

A: You can take your own lunches. On private charters only, for a fee, we can supply lunches and beverages for you. We have several choices to choose from. We can have everything iced down and on the boat for your arrival. If bringing your own coolers we recommend 13" high or smaller for fishing safety.


Q: Are we allowed to just ride around on the boat and not fish?

A: No. Our boats are designated strictly as fishing vessels by the U.S. Coast Guard. Someone on the boat must fish.


Q: Do you sell Ohio fishing licenses in your store?

A: Yes we do. Please make sure you have a driver license or state ID.


Q: When can I make reservations for the upcoming year?

A: We start taking reservations for the charters about the middle of December. On the headboat, around the middle of January.


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