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Port Clinton, OH.

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You want a day of sunshine when you spend time on the water, so make sure to check out the forecast before visiting. Finding our business is simple no matter where you come from, so check out our  directions before you get on the road.

Keep a close eye on the weather before driving our way

From sweatshirts to snacks to marine supplies, our store has just the items you need for a day of fishing. Give us a call if you're looking for specific equipment or stop in to the Marine Store for the items you need!

Get the supplies and souvenirs you need for a day of fishing fun

“Hey Folks: John here!! I want to thank all of you for a wonderful season last year. All of you were great and helpful and lots of fun every trip.”

- John Clarke, Galena

Choose Vacationland's largest fleet

Ready for some fishing fun? We have individual head boat fishing or private charters for larger groups. Call to reserve your spot!

Reserve your spot on one of our head boats and get fishing! Scheduling and prices vary by month and day, so please check the head boats page for details! Fall specials include special pricing for both ladies and children!

Try one of our "walk-on" head boats for your fishing experience

Bring your friends or family over to our docks and have a great day fishing in a private charter. Morning and afternoon charters are available. Call ahead and we'll stock your charter with beer, pop, and snacks! $50 OFF beginning August 1st!

Affordable, private charters for large group fishing

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